Sunday, January 12, 2014

Student Resolutions…a fun way to start the New Year!

As classes have now resumed for the New Year, helping students develop a New Year’s resolution for themselves can be a fun and fresh activity.  Working on resolutions together can be a great group activity to inspire students to do something special. 

A few ideas…

-          Ask the students who has heard of New Year’s resolutions.  Some may have…many more may have not.  Explain the practice & purpose of making resolutions  and the effort involved to accomplish them.  

-          Tell the students that resolutions are like promises you make to yourself.

-          Discuss how important it is to make a resolution creative and challenging, but also realistic.

-          Share some examples of past resolutions you have made. How did you do?  Where some easier to keep than others? How great did it feel when you accomplished your goal?

-          Discuss ideas for some resolutions as a group then allow students time to work on their own resolutions.  Provide some realistic examples for them to visualize.

-          Perhaps provide an  example: When I am at_________, I promise to________ because _______.

-          Allow for some time for the students to share their resolutions with the class and discuss the importance of supporting one another to help achieve their goals.

-          Have the students illustrate their resolutions and then display in the classroom to provide encouragement and a visual reminder of the goals they have chosen for themselves.

Attached is a helpful link with a creative template that students could use…

Have fun & Happy New Year!

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