Friday, December 14, 2012

SAGE Volunteers Enhance Lessons for Students!

SAGE volunteers have the chance to enhance the basic foundational lessons of topics within the general curriculum by sharing experiences to students that allow them to make real-life connections to the material!  Most recently, Rockne Anderson, a current SAGE volunteer had the chance to share an experience from a past job that excited the 3rd grade students about science!

Throughout most of Pennsylvania’s elementary schools, the science curriculum includes topics such as weather, matter, habitats, rocks, sounds, solar system, life cycles, motion, electrical circuit, natural resources, etc.  These topics can often be difficult for students to understand, as they cannot make true connections that enhance learning.  When SAGE volunteers share their expertise on a topic, especially when he/she worked in that particular field - it can be a true eye-opener for young learners!

"I had an interesting time last week. I brought in some seismic profiler records and maps of the ocean floor from 50 years ago when I was working on an oceanographic ship. The records are produced from the echoes from the sea floor from 1/2-lb blocks of TNT we threw overboard every two or three minutes. The 3rd graders in Mrs. Fitzgerald's class asked the most intelligent questions for about 20 minutes until we ran out of time. This was for their science class where they are studying sound. "
~Rockne Anderson

This quote is just an example of how a lesson can soar beyond an educator's expectations when real-life connections are made between the material being taught and the students learning it!  SAGE volunteers have the ability to create these connections and enhance learning within our partnering schools!  All of us from SAGE would love to hear of similar experiences within the classrooms of our volunteers! This is what our organization is all about!