Monday, January 20, 2014

A Volunteer's Viewpoint

Marge Lotter, who sits on the board of Hatboro Horsham is also a new volunteer with S.A.G.E.  She was kind enough to share her experiences assisting children in a kindergarten class. 
Being a S.A G. E. volunteer at Hallowell School in the AM Kindergarten class with Miss Caldwell is rewarding and fun.  Miss Caldwell is a treat to observe in action.  She is a natural as a Kindergarten teacher and the children respond in kind.

My hour is spent interacting with the children in various activities related to building their reading skills.  My favorite time with them is when I read stories on the ‘reading rug’.

When I visited in December, I explained to the children why my face was contorted (I came down with Bell’s Palsy).  They responded with kindness and curiosity.  When I visited in January I was greeted with warm hello’s and questions by some of the students as to how I was feeling.  I was strongly affected by their concern.

This time, instead of reading to the children, we invented our own story based on magical powers of the ‘reading rug’.  Our imaginations flew us out of the room (we had to duck to get out the window) and into the sky.  We saw familiar places and came back safely, by leaning back to slow down.   

Next time I’d like to ‘visit’ the zoo, but according to the children’s feedback, we may be going to Disney World.  My imaginary bags are already packed.
It is wonderful to hear about such a warm and friendly experience.  Thanks for sharing Marge!  We always love sharing stories with our readers.  If you have a story you'd like to share, email 

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