Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SAGE ADVICE - Dealing with uncooperative students

Sometimes we are put in situations where no one gets along.  Although this difficulty can be frustrating and challenging to deal with as a tutor; there might be reasons for this behavior.  Sometimes the teacher may or may not be able to share them with you.  So we've put together a few tips to help you progress! 

1.     If a student’s behavior has been trying on you personally, use the 5– 5–5 rule.   Breath in for 5 seconds, hold it for five seconds, then breath out for 5 seconds.

2.       Don't argue with the student in front of the class or his/her peers. This might embarrass the student or escalate the situation.  Talk to the student in a calm and soft spoken voice. Do not accuse the student of not cooperating, instead state the problem and then the solution. For example, “There are crayons on the floor, don't you think we should pick them up?"

3.      Have a calm discussion with the student, explaining  the work or assignment in which you are collaborating.  If the child continues to refuse to cooperate, don’t keep asking or talking to the student, this attention may be just what they are looking for and expecting.  Just state that you will sit and wait for the student to tell you when they are ready to work.

4.      Ask the student for their attention for a short period of time.  Tell the student that you expect them to work for 10 minutes and then you can take a break and play a game or take a walk.

5.      Provide a great deal of positive reinforcement and many short breaks.

6.      If possible, ask the teacher for ideas about what strategies may work with the particular child.

Try one of these steps the next time you face a difficult situation and see what a difference in results you will have.