Thursday, May 22, 2014

Volunteers make a difference in Council Rock

S.A.G.E. volunteers help in many ways, whether it's a one time (episodic) or weekly session in the classroom, the intergenerational learning benefits are immense.  Recently, Sandy Kopel, an educator in the Council Rock school district, had a need for some extra hands in the classroom and S.A.G.E didn't disappoint.

Ms. Kopel hosted volunteers Bernie Cullen, Joe Casarella, Debbie Glinski, Karen Arner, and Bob Schwenzer for 2 days to work one-on-one with her 6th grade students.  S.A.G.E. volunteers helped the students read, paraphrase, and write a 2 page research paper with a Works Consulted (commonly referred to as a bibliography) and everyone enjoyed the experience. Bernie, Joe, Debbie, Karen and Bob also helped each student put together a Power Point presentation students presented to 2 other educators at a later date. 

Sandy says, "The volunteers listened to the students' presentations and gave them feedback in order for the child to receive a score of Proficient or better. "  All of Sandy's volunteers wrote her back and said they would do it again whenever she needs assistance in the classroom.  

Sandy continues, "I really enjoyed having the extra set of hands, as there’s NO WAY my colleagues and I could’ve given all these students the individualized help they needed without these volunteers.  I truly can’t thank you enough for giving me their names! I am having the students write each of them a “thank-you” note today as part of their writing lesson. Thanks again S.A.G.E.!" 

Another success story we're happy to share with you.  Keep up the good work volunteers! 

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